As a visual storyteller, I use documentary and street photography to engage with the people and places I explore. With a natural propensity to wander I observe the details of daily life, seeking images of unexpected beauty that reveal the varied aspects of humanity and the spirit of a place.

I also have longer term documentary projects going which include: a project I've worked on for the past 7 years in the small farming community of Gustine in the California Central Valley; a series of images of water at 'sea level' from the perspective of a salt water swimmer; and a project in the Middle East.

A deviation my usual practice, during the pandemic, three other photographers and I turned our then newly formed photo critique group into what would become The Rolls and Tubes Photographic Collective. Together we created a body of work that took a look at the history of photography by recreating photos from well known photographers using toilet paper as a compositional form. Rolls and Tubes started with an Instagram account that soon led to numerous artist talks, panel discussions, podcasts, interviews and articles. We self published a book (that sold out in 24 hours) and made a special edition (a couple copies still available). 'Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography' is now a traveling exhibition which started in Philadelphia at the TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image, then went to the Chung24 Gallery in San Francisco, and next will move on to The Griffin Museum of Photography, Massachusetts opening in June 2023. 

Based in Berkeley, California, I have a B.A. in Art (photography) from UC Berkeley and am a member of the Rolls and Tubes Photographic Collective. I travel, swim and make photos as much as possible.

Please feel free to connect with me for print inquiries, licensing, freelance work or just to say hello. :-)

Instagram: @see_ccc_sea_insaltwater

Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography: www.rollsandtubes.com

Instagram: @rolls_and_tubes

christy mcdonald, photographer

Christy McDonald, photographer, world traveler, salt water swimmer
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