As a visual storyteller I travel extensively using documentary and street photography to engage with the people and places I explore. With a natural propensity to wander off the usual paths, I observe the details of daily life, seeking out images of unexpected beauty that reveal the varied aspects of humanity and the spirit of a place.

While I mostly practice street photography I also have several long-term documentary projects in the works: Palestine, a project which aims to show the everyday lives of Palestinians living under israeli occupation; Gustine, a project I've worked on for several years in a small Portuguese community in the California Central Valley; and Sea Level, a series of images of water from the perspective of a salt water swimmer.

During the pandemic three other photographers and I went in a completely different direction from our normal ways of working and formed the The Rolls and Tubes Collective. Together we created a body of work that takes an unusual and sometimes silly look at the history of photography by using toilet paper as a compositional form to recreate photos from well known photographers. Rolls and Tubes started with an instagram account which led to numerous artist talks, panel discussions, podcasts, interviews, articles, online exhibits and even an in-person show in Philadelphia. Eventually we rolled it all into a book, a special edition and a website where we continue to sell prints. The book sold out within 24 hours but the special addition, which includes 4 5x7 prints, is still available on rollsandtubes.com. Rolls and Tubes, A History of Photography standard and special editions can also be found in numerous university, museum and public library and private collections throughout the United States.   

Based in Berkeley, California, I have a B.A. in Art (photography) from UC Berkeley and am a member of the Rolls and Tubes Photographic Collective. More of my work can be seen on my Instagram @christymphoto and @rolls_and_tubes and over at 

Most images on this site are available as archival fine art prints. Some images are available for licensing. A portion of the proceeds from any print sold goes to an organization that I feel is meaningful to the area in which the photograph was made. A list of those organizations is forthcoming. 

Please feel free to connect with me for print inquiries, licensing, freelance work or just to say hello! 

Email:        christymphoto@gmail.com
text/call:    510-499-0591
Follow:      @christymphoto

LinkTr.ee: https://linktr.ee/christymphoto

christy mcdonald, photographer

Christy McDonald, photographer, world traveler, salt water swimmer
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