A proud 5th generation San Franciscan and Californian, I have a deep love for my hilly city and beautiful State. Earning a BA in Art from UC Berkeley, my focus while there was on black & white film photography and printing and my honors thesis project was on the 19th Century printing process of copper plate photogravure, which combines photography with intaglio printmaking, a process I hope to do more with in the future.

While I’ve always been a practicing photographer, I spent several years professionally as a graphic designer creating marketing materials and designing books. Eventually I stepped away from design to focus solely on photography. A year after starting a film-based portrait business I inherited a digital camera from my father but reluctant to make the switch from film to digital I waited another year before actually picking the camera up. While digital is not film, and I miss the smell of the darkroom, digital photography is liberating and I’ve never regretted the switch.

An avid traveler I make photos wherever I go but at the end of 2016 I took a three week, solo trip to Israel/Palestine and Jordan that has inspired me in ways I never expected. It’s hard to explain why a place and its people speak to you despite having no obvious or personal connections to it. I can only say that in my case it has to do with the ancient and historical feeling of the place, the smell of middle eastern spices, the beautiful quality of light, the sounds of the music and of the muslim call to prayer, the fresh and incredible food, the hebrew and arabic languages, the interesting and varied people, the amazing beauty and unbelievable decay, the deep rooted sadness but also the hope, the warm, dry climate, the landscape and the seascape — both the Dead and the Mediterranean.

For the past year I have been studying Arabic and learning more about the history & politics of the Middle East in preparation for returning more informed and better able to make more intimate, personal and meaningful photographs.

Currently I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing prints or usage rights. I am always available for assignments near and far. 

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