An overly proud 5th generation San Franciscan and Californian, Christy has a deep love for her hilly city and beautiful State. With a degree in Fine Art (Photography) from UC Berkeley she has been lucky to be able to put that degree to use her entire career — first as a graphic designer for many years, then as a film and digital portrait photographer and more recently as a documentary and street photographer. Her work has been exhibited some, published here and there and received a few awards.

With an inexplicable interest in the peoples and cultures of the Middle East, Christy's current work includes a long-term ongoing project in Israel, Palestine and Jordan (and wherever else they will let her in) that started in 2016. Until her next trip gets scheduled Christy is busy attempting to learn Arabic as well as more about the culture, history and politics of the region. Locally, Christy continues with an ongoing documentary project in the California Central Valley and wherever she goes street photography is a part of her daily life, always. While her home and family are in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christy lives to photograph the world near and far.


To purchase prints or hire Christy, please email christymphoto@gmail.com

To see photos of her daily wanderings and her lunch, coffee or dog follow her on Instagram @christymphoto.


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